Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Product Review: DishCloths by CocoaBeans

My mother does not have a dishwasher. I have a dishwasher, but, as I was raised by a woman who was convinced that no machine in the world could get the dishes cleaner than she could, I rarely use it. Between the two of us, we go through a lot of dishcloths. And we both agree that there is nothing like a hand knitted or hand crocheted cotton cloth for serious dishwashing. I used to knit them myself, but really, who has time?

Thankfully, Diana of CocoaBeans has time. She makes lovely, lovely dishcloths. In tasteful colors that will look pretty in your kitchen. Shipped out to you faster than the speed of light. With realistic shipping charges (unlike all the other dishcloth sellers I searched through) and excellent communication, her customer service is impeccable. This week, she earned herself two new and loyal customers.

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