Sunday, August 24, 2008

Product Review: Sewing Set by JennMaruskaDesign

My daughter has just started teaching herself to embroider. She is so excited about it and so pleased with herself, that I could not resist getting her a little treat: her own little sewing set by Jenn Maruska.

It is even more adorable in person!

This is my second purchase from Jenn and each time I received a package from her, I was blown away by the little personal touches she adds to make the buyer feel special. Her items are as well constructed as they are designed.

In addition to the sewing kits, Jenn's shop also offers sweet little fabric "taskets" for all your odds and ends, darling mini-quilts and business card wallets.


Art By MAR said...

That is such an adorable sewing set! I don't even sew but I love it--so pretty. Good luck to your daughter with her embroidery.

Jenn Maruska said...

Thank you for such a nice post about the sewing set I made!

I am thrilled that your daughter is learning to sew, and honored that my set will be a part of her experience!


: D